A Hike in Navajas, Spain

Twenty minutes up the A23 from Segunto, lays Navajas, a small town just past Segorbe with beautiful palacial homes and a blue-green river that curves around it.  If you follow the signs to Navajas and drive straight through the town, you’ll find yourself at a roundabout that overlooks the little river valley and a small parking area.  Park there and take the path to your right or drive down the narrow road to the right just in front of the roundabout and park along the side at the end.  Turning around is difficult there, but not impossible.

The trail begins here with little caves on the right and the river on the left.  A fountain lies to the right of a new bridge and the path is clean and well-groomed.  It’s an easy walk.

You’ll find the Salto de los Novios (Lover’s Waterfall) just a few meters up the path near some large smooth stones that just out into the river.  Past this point there’s a wide grassy area for picnicking.  It’s a popular area with a lot of families and dogs gathering on the weekends.  The water is shallow and calm enough here for kids to play.

From this point the path continues along interesting rock formations.  It’s a very nice hike, but does not hug the river, so there aren’t many more opportunities to see the water and the path is hotter and drier than the green space near the falls.

You’ll see a variety of interesting rock specimens, butterflies in the summer,  and quite a few interesting trees as well as a large bamboo grove.

My experience:
Attempt 1:  http://estrogenpalace.blogspot.com/2010/07/navajas-spain.html
Success 2:  http://estrogenpalace.blogspot.com/2010/10/navajas.html


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