About Me.

Like most of us, I can’t wrap up the “about” thing in just one word or title. Like most of us, I wear many hats and have many interests. I was told once (twice… several times) that a blog should be focused – that your readers need to know what they will find. Well, I tried that. I had a travel blog and a food blog, a Spain blog and a Germany blog, a “just me” blog about family and life, and a mom blog because apparently the rest weren’t enough. But while I loved to write, I couldn’t keep up on them all… and when I tried to focus on one, thoughts on the others popped up…

So… here it is. Windows. They reflect so many things and they’ll reflect me.

I’m a traveler and a foodie.

I’m a photographer and a mom.

I’m an artist and a naturalist.

I’m a Christian at the core.

My first blog was titled “Just Me.” And that’s essentially what this will be. Me. Honesty. And everything that entails. (Which covers a lot)

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