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Sasha’s First Solo

After her third voice lesson, she walked out with Miss Cora who usually goes over exercises that she should do for the week. That day she was so blown away by Elise’s performance of Cupid’s Got a Shotgun that she asked if she’d like to sing on the Children’s Stage at the Norman Music Festival. […]

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This beauty is blooming along the walkway near our front door. This is the extent to the gardens and landscaping in our little rental house which is sort of sad. I do miss the forest behind our Maryland home and the variety of nature that it brought forth, but Oklahoma summers are so brutal that […]

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Guide: The OKC Zoo

The Oklahoma City Zoo is one of my favorite zoos. My youngest three grew up here spending countless days sitting by the glass near the apes or big cats watching, smiling, and waving at the animals just inches away. It’s family friendly, fun, affordable, and has the perfect balance of little-kid play and amazing animals. […]

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Sunday thoughts: A Barren Desert

It’s Easter Sunday and we’re coming to the end of our church shopping saga now debating between the one we were planning on attending this morning (last week’s church), and the one that we attended today (because it started 15 minutes later and we were running late – I’m blaming the Easter hair-dos). It’s the […]

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Recipe: Asian Pork Sandwiches

It may seem frightfully obvious to most, but planning meals based on old cooking magazines, then grocery shopping based on those meals are really great ways to 1) save money on groceries 2) waste less food and 3) try some new things. Clearly, I’m a bit daft sometimes. The truth is that my cooking sort […]

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Backyard Hawk

Driving across I40 towards Oklahoma City just a few weeks ago, I remember seeing large birds of prey standing at the very tips of trees along the road. Bare in the winter cold, any large bundle of feathers was obvious from quite a distance so I watched for them. Last week, I saw one, a […]

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Sunday Meals and Church Shopping

I’m not a fan of “church shopping,” but it seems to be the necessary pain of a move. It took us a long time to find a church in Maryland.  So far we’ve only tried two in Oklahoma, but we’re so anxious to get settled into our new “church family” that it’s already wearing on […]

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Someone likes to take selfies on my phone when I'm not looking, so I find surprises like this when I download photos.

She left me in tears

Today I had the pleasure of running errands with my girls and after being cooped up for so long, it felt like an adventure. We passed the huge TEEMCO Gold Dome and a giant milk bottle on 23rd and saw the Route 66 sign that had me wishing we could just drive a bit farther […]

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The second good-bye…

…is easier. I feel like it shouldn’t be. Like somehow I’m not a good mom because I wasn’t sobbing all the way home. But it was easier. This morning Tiara packed up her things while I tidied up my office and the girls worked on school assignments. We made a list of errands just like […]

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Cantatas and Trees

A few weeks ago, a very brave ten year old girl asked if she could join the adult choir at church –  and they said yes. It was already November and they’d been practicing for the cantata for weeks, but three other girls (ages 16-25) were singing two songs separately, so she joined them in […]

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