A Baby Chickadee


Since we’ve lived in Maryland, I’ve learned a lot about birds, but it wasn’t until last summer that I noticed babies – baby cardinals then. 20140529-IMG_1944 Now we have a baby chickadee. He isn’t much smaller than his parents, so if coming alone, I almost wouldn’t recognize his youth, but the first time he came, he came with mom and dad and these normally quiet birds talked. That was my first clue. Parents and babies are very vocal together and those babies – not unlike my own kids – they just never stop talkin’.

He’s fluffier than his parents still soft with downy feathers and his wings rarely stop moving. Even when he sits, he will tweet and vibrate his wings almost as rapidly as a hummingbird. Our little guy does well enough at flying – I’ve been watching him, but he isn’t great at landing yet, so when a landing fails, he flies off sort of bouncing off of things like an uncontained pin ball. It’s humorous to watch as his parents sit still on a nearby branch watching their “toddler” – a bundle of uncoordinated activity (also not unlike my own kids at that age).

He’s our first baby of the season.  Keepin’ my fingers crossed for more.






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