Bejís and the waterfalls at Los Clóticos

Bejis is a small mountain village in the Comunidad Valenciana known for the water that’s bottled there.  It sits high on a hill with amazing panoramic views from its ruined castle.

There isn’t a tremendous amount to be seen in the town, but it’s still a nice little village to walk through with an old church and the plaza with the Ayutamiento, a fountain, and a couple cafes where you can get a quick refreshment.

The castle itself is in small fragments, but it’s worth the walk for the views or to enjoy the wildflowers and the butterflies that they attract.  There are small scorpions up there, according to a local, so advise children not to turn over the rocks.

It is a lovely place to bring a picnic if the weather allows.  There is absolutely no shade on a hot day and if you have pets or children, be aware that there are no walls or fences at the cliffs edges and in some places, the land drops off completely.

If you follow the signs from Bejis to Los Cloticos, you’ll pass an old Roman aquaduct and the curvy road that follows the Rio Palancia.  Just past the bottling plant the road splits.  To the left you’ll curve around eventually crossing the river and coming to a camp ground.  To the right you’ll find a small parking area, a play ground, a large picnic area with tables, and a fountain where you can get fresh, clean, icy cold drinking water.  The sign limits the number of bottles you fill to 5, but locals fill more.

On the river side of this parking lot is a tiny staircase that begins the 100 meter trail down to the river.  At the trails end, you’ll see this.

Here, the river flows together, then splits, unites, and splits again, the water going where it wants to go.  It’s crystal clear, clean, and cold, but absolutely beautiful in all areas.

Families come here and swim.  They play under the waterfall.  They find other waterfalls farther down and spend entire afternoons relaxing.  This is a real paradise and it’s only an hour away from Valencia.


  • Water shoes.  The trail “along” the river often becomes the trail “through” the river.
  • Swim attire and towels as this water is too tempting to ignore.
  • A picnic as there aren’t any places to eat there and even in Bejis, the options are limited.
  • Empty bottles so that you can fill up on that great drinking water!

Directions:  Take the A23 towards Teruel.  Turn off at Jerica and take the CV-235 towards Bejis.

Quietest time to enjoy:  It’s nearly empty during the autumn through spring, but even on busy summer days, you can find quiet times during the Spanish lunch hours between 1 and 4.

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