Cantatas and Trees

A few weeks ago, a very brave ten year old girl asked if she could join the adult choir at church –  and they said yes.

It was already November and they’d been practicing for the cantata for weeks, but three other girls (ages 16-25) were singing two songs separately, so she joined them in the “ladies quartet.”  And she was happy.  Though the youngest there, they seemed to fit right in at rehearsals, and always came back with a smile on her face. This morning she spent just a little extra time getting ready, sat with the quartet during the cantata, and smiled as she sang her songs. At the end of the service, she told the choir director that she had learned the rest of the cantata songs and asked if she could sing with the adult choir as well in next week’s cantata, and, again… he said yes.  What a wonderful director!



This has been Elise’s year – one of conquering fears and teaching me a few lessons along the way. From roller coasters to new foods, getting her ears pierced and conquering zip lines and 3-story ladders, Elise has learned to push herself out of her comfort zone.

This was another moment. Her idea, her initiative.

She loves to sing. It feeds her and she truly is gifted in drama and music. The choice to home school and the upcoming move worked together to rob her of the lead role she was promised in this year’s school play – the role that she’d worked on and memorized over the summer. I’ve seen her sadness in missing her drama group, but am proud of the way she’s handled it and the honest happiness she’s displayed for her friends who are participating, including the girl who got “her part.” That was a hard lesson – for me as well, to watch her smile knowing how much she missed it all.

That loss prompted her to take another brave step – one that I’d have been too scared to take at her age (or even mine now), to approach an adult she didn’t know and make a request that was perhaps a bit out of the ordinary.

My youngest is teaching another lesson, in bravery and confidence, and making requests because we don’t always know the answers.  That’s a lesson that will take her far.





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