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Chili Chicken with Cilantro Pesto and a Banana Sweet Potato Mash

Recipe: Chili Chicken with Cilantro Pesto & Banana Sweet Potato Mash

Last week I asked my girls to pick a recipe that they wanted to cook, make a grocery list, shop for their ingredients, and cook dinner one night, so we began. They picked recipes and made their list, grabbed their own baskets and shopped for what they needed during our grocery run, and then… They […]

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Recipe: Kale & Sausage Penne with Lemon Cream Sauce

You’ve heard of hoarders? Well… I hoard recipes. I’ve been clipping, copying, and printing recipes for years creating unorganized masses of paper scraps stashed away in bins. Some, clipped long ago, have moved as many as nine times. Just before the last move, I’d had enough and cleaned out my biggest mess, throwing out well […]

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Recipe: Ajvar Chicken

Ajvar. It sounds like eye-var and is a wonderful condiment/sauce common in Serbian cuisine. It’s made from roasted red peppers, garlic, and eggplant and can be smooth like a slightly thickened tomato sauce or a bit chunky like a salsa. Either way, it’s delicious. Look for it in Middle Eastern grocery stores, other specialty food […]

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Recipe: Asian Pork Sandwiches

It may seem frightfully obvious to most, but planning meals based on old cooking magazines, then grocery shopping based on those meals are really great ways to 1) save money on groceries 2) waste less food and 3) try some new things. Clearly, I’m a bit daft sometimes. The truth is that my cooking sort […]

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Sunday Meals and Church Shopping

I’m not a fan of “church shopping,” but it seems to be the necessary pain of a move. It took us a long time to find a church in Maryland.  So far we’ve only tried two in Oklahoma, but we’re so anxious to get settled into our new “church family” that it’s already wearing on […]

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Giving Thanks (plus a recipe for Savory Sweet Potatoes with Goat Cheese and Bacon)

I’m sitting here relaxing after working all day on the pre-move purge, a project that isn’t going anywhere soon though the move is coming way to fast. There’s a cold bowl of leftover savory sweet potatoes in front of me, cold because I keep getting distracted and jumping up to move something, pack something, or […]

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Elephants and Sealions

I didn’t invite the elephant, but he came anyway. We got up early and worked as much as we had energy for. Since Wednesday we’ve been unpacking, sorting, shopping, and organizing in an attempt to make her dorm room like more like home because, well, it’s going to be for this next year and all […]

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Bridges and Giants: A half-day in Portland

Growing up somewhere doesn’t mean you know it well. Actually, I’ve met adults who’ve lived in a place their entire lives and still don’t know much about it. I suppose some people just don’t care. Me, I was a kid in Portland. I grew up there, going where my parents took me. I could care […]

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Old art and new friends

Facebook is a funny thing. Over two decades ago my husband sat next to a girl on a flight to Germany. A year later he sat next to her on the flight home. Those are the only times they’ve seen each other until today, but they shared a common experience as exchange students in Germany […]

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terra chips

Ingredients: Terra Vegetable Chips

I didn’t like “root vegetables” except for the good ol’ potatoe and then I tried these. It was love at first bite. Crazy, may be, but the combination of salty and sweet, flakes of coconut and crisped shavings of vegetables that almost never grace my dining room table have now come into my hands with […]

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