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Recipe: Ajvar Chicken

Ajvar. It sounds like eye-var and is a wonderful condiment/sauce common in Serbian cuisine. It’s made from roasted red peppers, garlic, and eggplant and can be smooth like a slightly thickened tomato sauce or a bit chunky like a salsa. Either way, it’s delicious. Look for it in Middle Eastern grocery stores, other specialty food […]

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terra chips

Ingredients: Terra Vegetable Chips

I didn’t like “root vegetables” except for the good ol’ potatoe and then I tried these. It was love at first bite. Crazy, may be, but the combination of salty and sweet, flakes of coconut and crisped shavings of vegetables that almost never grace my dining room table have now come into my hands with […]

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A. Litterati Italian Market

A. Litteri and The Florida Market

Tifnotes:  The Florida Market is worth a stop for the A. Litteri Italian market alone, but there are several other ethnic grocers here with unique items at great prices that make this a nice once a year kind of place to go; however, it isn’t fancy nor super clean.  You’re not going into a Whole […]

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Passion Chocolate – Paris

So you’re going to Paris and you want to do something nice for those who couldn’t fit in your suitcase?  Stop here.  Then lock these amazing French chocolates in a safe and mail the key or they might not make it through the flight.  Yeah.  These are that good.  Passion Chocolate Chocolatier Fabricant 122 Av. […]

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Quick Wine Guide – Germany/MSR

Varieties of Mosel Wines:The type of wine produced is named partly from the grape that it is created from. A Reisling, for example, comes from the Reisling grapes. Though soil conditions, harvest times, aging, and weather can greatly effect the flavor of the wine, the grape itself is the first stop in creating a fantastic […]

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GK Local: Organic Markets

Cross-Posted at A fan of healthy organic foods? You won’t be without them here. Most German grocery stores have small sections of organic foods near the produce section and on the Netherlands side, you can find a good selection of organic foods at Albert Heijn as well as the two large weekly markets in […]

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Ghent, BE: Bouchard Chocolates

I discovered these delicious chocolates in Paris when one was sitting next to my cappuccino… but, I just found out that they are in Ghent, a wonderful town for a day trip for sightseeing. So, if you’re there, why not stop and get some chocolates at Bouchard?

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Aachen: The Chocolate Company

Noted for the creativity and selection of flavors, especially the wasabi chocolates, the Chocolate Company can sweeten your day whether you’re headed to Aachen or Maastricht. All their locations can be found on their website and yes, they are open on Sundays too!,home.html YUM! I’ve had chocolate spoons before, but never like this! Check […]

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GK Local: Chocolaterie “Ducharette”

Coming very highly recommended from a friend who considered this the best chocolate around here, I finally made it over to the tiny chocolaterie Ducharette. Near the market square down from the church in Ubach over Worms, it’s 5 minutes from base and easy to find. My family tried them and all I heard was […]

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GK Local: Eier Liqueur

In chocolates and cakes, with whipped cream and coffee, and even in ice cream and chocolate truffels, egg liquor is a very popular flavoring here both in Germany and the Netherlands. In German it’s “eier liquor” and in Dutch it’s “advocaat.” Either way, it’s a bright orange-yellow, potent, yet sweet, runny egg yolk liqueur that […]

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