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Annapolis Greek Festival

Lesson learned: Do NOT go to the Annapolis Greek festival overly tired or not-hungry. The point is to eat and eat abundantly. As the brochure says, “Greek food is good and we have the figures to prove it!” I’m kicking myself now. We parked easily at the high school right as the shuttle drove up, […]

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Winter Food: The comforting classic, beef stew

Recipe: Beef Stew

There was time not terribly long ago when I didn’t know what a Dutch oven was, nor did I understand the love that women had for Le Creuset. To me, Le Creuset was pretty, but horrifically expensive and certainly not necessary in my kitchen. I mean, I’d come this far, did I really need it? […]

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Beef Vindaloo served over brown rice.

Recipe: Beef Vindaloo

So… we bought a cow. A half cow. Over a year ago. And it’s been sitting in our freezer all this time waiting because I didn’t want to “waste it” by just cooking it up poorly and I cook chicken more often, so the only part of “Bessie” that we’ve used until now was the […]

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The Long Awaited Greek Meatballs: Total Comfort Food

I’m really shocked that I haven’t posted this yet as it’s been a favorite since the moment we first made them and have since become our go-to cold weather comfort food – oh, who am I kidding? These are so delicious, they are the anytime-I-need-comforting, comfort food. My oldest daughter agrees and so she mixes […]

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Calvert Kettle Corn: A local icon and delicious treat

When I moved to Calvert County, Maryland just over two years ago, there was a single white bucket sitting in my otherwise empty pantry, left, with love, by the previous residents. It bears the logo of Calvert Kettle Corn and comes with discounted refills. They’d go to the North Beach Farmer’s Market every Friday night […]

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Cranberries Sugared and Sauced

I am a big fan of the cranberry. Probably because it’s super sour and definitely because it’s my favorite color and possibly a little because it floats, I just think cranberries are one of the absolutely best berries around. Add that POP! when it cooks, and there’s just nothing that can compare. So on Thanksgiving […]

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On the First Day of Hanukkah…

I made latkes. And they were so delicious that I ate 5 and had flashbacks of the Reibkuchen that I devoured at Aachen’s Christmas market. So I’ll share this recipe and tell you why I think it’s the best one I’ve found so far. Basically, a latke is a potato pancake made from shredded potato […]

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Recipe: Italian Breakfast Strata

It’s no secret that aside from a random internet search, nearly everything I cook is based on a recipe from Cuisine at Home. It’s my no-fail, go-to, need-something-yummy source for all things edible. According to Tiara, I’ve made this Italian Breakfast Strata, but I don’t remember it, so I don’t think I had because if […]

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A Georgetown Chocolate Tour

As a rule, I don’t like tours. Or may be I don’t like the “idea” of tours because I imagine a bus full of people quite a bit older than me being shuffled around like cattle from place to place with no sense of fun or freedom. Yeah, that’s it. I don’t like those kind […]

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Home cookin

An Annapolis Deli to return to – Chick & Ruths Delly est. 1965

I just found some notes scribbled on an old menu and realized that I haven’t shared Chick and Ruth’s deli even though it’s become my local favorite.  From the first time I saw it, it intrigued me.  In this tall narrow building sandwiched between two others along Annapolis’ busy old town Main Street, locals, tourists, […]

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