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On the First Day of Hanukkah…

I made latkes. And they were so delicious that I ate 5 and had flashbacks of the Reibkuchen that I devoured at Aachen’s Christmas market. So I’ll share this recipe and tell you why I think it’s the best one I’ve found so far. Basically, a latke is a potato pancake made from shredded potato […]

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Recipe: Stromboli

Sometime last year or may be it was the year before a friend came to visit and together, my foodie friend and I, we excitedly flipped through my enormous stacks of Cuisine at Home magazines deciding what we’d cook that week. One of several that we chose was Stromboli. According to the article in Cuisine, […]

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Tortilla Espanola – a recipe

Today I had coffee with my Spanish friends as usual. We sat and enjoyed our hot coffee with warm milk and lots of cookies and cake. I think Elise ate 10 cookies. Afterward a little time to relax and chat, Maria showed me how to make a Spanish tortilla. It’s nothing like a tortilla that […]

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