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Recipe: Italian Breakfast Strata

It’s no secret that aside from a random internet search, nearly everything I cook is based on a recipe from Cuisine at Home. It’s my no-fail, go-to, need-something-yummy source for all things edible. According to Tiara, I’ve made this Italian Breakfast Strata, but I don’t remember it, so I don’t think I had because if […]

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Mixed Berry Blueberry Bagel Bread Pudding

Just try saying THAT ten times fast.  I’m pretty certain that this twist wouldn’t be recognizable to early 18th century English, but it’s still bread pudding.  Throwing away stale bread is always a bit sad and I’m not the first frustrated housewife to try to make something good out of hardened bread.   Versions of bread […]

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Raspberry Crepes

A day off school means lazy mornings and crepes for breakfast.  Crepes fly off the plate hot and fresh as quickly as we can make them and leftovers don’t last long if there are any, so the original recipe we follow gets tripled at least and often quadrupled.  The process takes a long time which […]

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In Honor of World Nutella Day: Nutella Cupcakes!

I was craving cupcakes.  You know, those days when no matter how good you normally may be, if a pan of cupcakes was placed before you, you could easily eat the whole thing.  I don’t normally crave such things, but there are days when I just want the sweet comforting texture of a light fluffy […]

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Butterfly Banana Cake

Once upon a time, probably sometime in 1980, someone, possibly my mother bought me the I Can Cook Cookbook by Sophie Kay. This book looks like 1980, really a funny dated thing with recipes like Tic-Tac-Toe pizza and Tuna Bunwiches. I think may be I tried 3 recipes from this book. Most of them were […]

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Waking up Sweet: Nectarine French Toast

Breakfast: Nectarine French Toast This is a perfect make-ahead recipe for a special morning or a gathering because you have to chill it for at least 8 hours before baking.  Assemble the night before and you have a very easy morning ahead of you. Ingredients: 1/2 cup packed brown sugar 1/4 cup butter 1 tablespoon […]

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Aebleskivers (Pancake balls)

Able-huh? I must have repeated the Danish word 50 times and after all was said and done Elise said, “Mom, I really like these pancake balls.” So today I made traditional Danish “pancake balls” in my beautiful cast iron “pancake ball” pan. The first batch was a bust because the pan wasn’t hot enough. The […]

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Noemi’s Madalenas

This was one of those wonderfully relaxing sunny “Spanish mornings” when we just sat and talked, drinking our coffee, munching on Noemi’s Madalenas, and sunning our pale legs outside on her patio. It was the first time I’d been to Noemi’s house which surprised me in its modern decor and the beautifully organized bookshelves with […]

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Tortilla Espanola – a recipe

Today I had coffee with my Spanish friends as usual. We sat and enjoyed our hot coffee with warm milk and lots of cookies and cake. I think Elise ate 10 cookies. Afterward a little time to relax and chat, Maria showed me how to make a Spanish tortilla. It’s nothing like a tortilla that […]

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