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Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls – A Recipe

The other day I was looking for something or other and in my search I came across an old white overstuffed binder with bits of paper falling out and scraps of all shapes and sizes stuffed into the side pockets.  It’s a recipe binder that I began when I first got married a few eons […]

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Recipes: Shrimp and Andouille Gumbo and Red Rice

This was actually my first attempt.  I thought I’d prepare a Cajun feast for Mardi Gras.  I bought the beads, I loaded up my pantry and fridge with everything I’d need.  Then life happened and Mardi Gras, in typical Tiffany fashion, was celebrated a couple days late.  Not as late as the Christmas card mailings […]

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Chicken and Andouille Étouffée

When Mardi Gras week was upon us, I bought green beads for the girls and we celebrated with two nights of Cajun cookin.’  And…  Oh, oh, oh… this was soooooo delicious. I wanted to eat it three meals a day until it was gone.  YUMMY! Chicken and Andouille Étouffée The Roux: 1.  Heat 3/4 cup […]

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Recipe: Stromboli

Sometime last year or may be it was the year before a friend came to visit and together, my foodie friend and I, we excitedly flipped through my enormous stacks of Cuisine at Home magazines deciding what we’d cook that week. One of several that we chose was Stromboli. According to the article in Cuisine, […]

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SOPA makes me hungry. Recipe: Chicken Pesto Soup

All this talk of SOPA and PIPA and it makes me hungry for soup. Yeah, yeah, I know.  SOPA has nothing to do with food, but after living in Spain, I can’t help but hear “Soup” each time I see SOPA and SOPA’s been in the news a lot, so I’m getting kind of hungry. […]

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Sushi at home.

It’s New Year’s Eve and a sushi newbie is about to tackle dinner.  Scared? Don’t be.  Sushi isn’t as hard as it looks and doesn’t require a lot of stuff.  In fact, it’s so easy, a 10-year-old can do it. Tonight I stepped completely out of the kitchen and left the sushi making to the […]

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Hungarian Meatballs – recipe

As the weather gets cooler, I’m looking for big hot bowls of hearty, full-flavored comfort food that hits the spot and leaves no leftovers.  Well, I take that back.  With this recipe, I want leftovers.  I double it at least and enjoy it for lunch until it’s gone and then I think about making more. […]

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Moving Chili

By brilliant planning or divine providence, one lonely issue of Cuisine at Home snuck into my unaccompanied goods shipment with my pots and pans arriving a full month ahead of the rest of our things. Yeah, I have internet, and yeah, there are scads of recipes there, but sometimes the feel of paper in the […]

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Dinner: Saltimbocca Chicken Breasts

Flavor means at least two of my girls won’t eat it.  The pasta noodles are delicious, but they have flavor, so, even my noodle girl looked at it oddly.  “What’s the green stuff?  Ewww.” However, I like flavor and so if my girls are stuck with cereal for dinner on occasion because I decide to […]

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He Cooks: Chicken Bulgoki

I got a request for this recipe – it’s one of our family favorites and something that Tiara was very excited that Kirk was cooking for her birthday. The recipe changes a little every time Kirk makes it. Sometimes it’s a little too hot for me. This is where you really need to play with […]

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