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#prayfor… This may be unpopular, but on Sunday morning as our congregation gathered together in prayer for Paris, a different prayer was laid upon my heart. I prayed for Paris, a city that I love and a people who have only been kind and welcoming to me and my family. But I also prayed another […]

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He speaks LOUDLY

Have you ever prayed for a neon sign, then gotten the neon sign and pretended it wasn’t there? I feel like closing the blinds, pulling a pillow over my head and then, ever so carefully, peeking out slowly, just with one eye, to see if the sign is still there, brightly glowing and infiltrating the […]

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Sunday thoughts: A Barren Desert

It’s Easter Sunday and we’re coming to the end of our church shopping saga now debating between the one we were planning on attending this morning (last week’s church), and the one that we attended today (because it started 15 minutes later and we were running late – I’m blaming the Easter hair-dos). It’s the […]

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Sunday Meals and Church Shopping

I’m not a fan of “church shopping,” but it seems to be the necessary pain of a move. It took us a long time to find a church in Maryland.  So far we’ve only tried two in Oklahoma, but we’re so anxious to get settled into our new “church family” that it’s already wearing on […]

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