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#prayfor… This may be unpopular, but on Sunday morning as our congregation gathered together in prayer for Paris, a different prayer was laid upon my heart. I prayed for Paris, a city that I love and a people who have only been kind and welcoming to me and my family. But I also prayed another […]

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He speaks LOUDLY

Have you ever prayed for a neon sign, then gotten the neon sign and pretended it wasn’t there? I feel like closing the blinds, pulling a pillow over my head and then, ever so carefully, peeking out slowly, just with one eye, to see if the sign is still there, brightly glowing and infiltrating the […]

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A Tribute

There once was an app. Just a small orange and yellow icon on my phone. But like the Doctor’s Tardis, it was bigger on the inside. The app contained a world and the world contained people and places and conversations sprinkled with the occasional knitting pattern and a recipe for something delicious. It was a […]

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Housekeeping is a gift.

I never thought I’d write that. Housekeeping, to me, has never been a gift. The first time I mopped a floor was in college and to this day, it’s my least favorite chore. Laundry and dishes have to get done in order to eat and wear something not pulled out of the hamper, but the […]

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Reflections in Coffee

The blessing of a garage sale (which I pledge to only do once, at most, during each assignment), is that I am literally forced to sit in my garage for hours on end. That may not sound like a blessing to you, but how many times do you sit in your garage? Perhaps your space […]

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Gratuitous Iris Photos

Our tiny front garden has erupted with color in the last couple days which means that while the girls are diligently working on their daily lessons, I’m finding snippets of time to play around with various lenses and capture a bit of color before they die away. These seven will join other favorites from past […]

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This beauty is blooming along the walkway near our front door. This is the extent to the gardens and landscaping in our little rental house which is sort of sad. I do miss the forest behind our Maryland home and the variety of nature that it brought forth, but Oklahoma summers are so brutal that […]

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Sunday thoughts: A Barren Desert

It’s Easter Sunday and we’re coming to the end of our church shopping saga now debating between the one we were planning on attending this morning (last week’s church), and the one that we attended today (because it started 15 minutes later and we were running late – I’m blaming the Easter hair-dos). It’s the […]

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shanghai 1955~0001

DC Day: Library of Congress and a Capital sunset

This sky took on a different hue this morning as I drove to DC. Gray and tumultuous in places, it didn’t look like our normal rainy day sky. “Looks like snow”, I thought, but it wasn’t in the forecast. Yet as I slowed to stop a flake came down, then another, then a handful until, […]

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Goodbye, Tick. Hello, Oklahoma.

In purging for a move, I find all sorts of random things like: seashells and birdnests, a butterfly from Spain, driftwood and shark teeth, and now a ziploc baggie with a now-completely-dead hard tick and all the tiny also-dead (I hope) eggs she laid. The first things will move with me, yet the latter, sadly […]

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