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Reflections in Coffee

The blessing of a garage sale (which I pledge to only do once, at most, during each assignment), is that I am literally forced to sit in my garage for hours on end. That may not sound like a blessing to you, but how many times do you sit in your garage? Perhaps your space […]

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Gratuitous Iris Photos

Our tiny front garden has erupted with color in the last couple days which means that while the girls are diligently working on their daily lessons, I’m finding snippets of time to play around with various lenses and capture a bit of color before they die away. These seven will join other favorites from past […]

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This beauty is blooming along the walkway near our front door. This is the extent to the gardens and landscaping in our little rental house which is sort of sad. I do miss the forest behind our Maryland home and the variety of nature that it brought forth, but Oklahoma summers are so brutal that […]

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Velella Velellas

I think that I experienced just a tiny bit of the joy that a scientist must feel in making a new discovery. The thrill of seeing something completely unexpected is sort of magical, almost intoxicating, to gaze upon all angles of a thing that until that moment you never knew existed. Yeah, I’m a nature […]

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Natural Beauty

Today was one of those wonderfully lazy summer days of sleeping in, puttering around the house, and just relaxing. We had some evening things… church for two and horse back riding for another. And those same three had something else – haircuts. Lesson re-learned: Book concurrent appointments. I’ve learned it before, but in my haste […]

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Meet Peter

Perhaps he’s young and curious like the original Peter Rabbit or perhaps our clover are just too sweet to run away from, but this bunny didn’t flinch when I drove up my driveway today even though he sat just 4 feet from it. He looked up as I got out of my car and even […]

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A Baby Chickadee

Since we’ve lived in Maryland, I’ve learned a lot about birds, but it wasn’t until last summer that I noticed babies – baby cardinals then.  Now we have a baby chickadee. He isn’t much smaller than his parents, so if coming alone, I almost wouldn’t recognize his youth, but the first time he came, he […]

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