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Gray echos me.

Worn thin like that favorite pair of shoes that you can’t bear to give away, so thin that you can feel every painful rock through the paper-like soles and every pebble jabs like a knife – those are my emotions now. Teary and tenuous. Careful not to speak. Holding it together. A family home waiting, […]

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Velella Velellas

I think that I experienced just a tiny bit of the joy that a scientist must feel in making a new discovery. The thrill of seeing something completely unexpected is sort of magical, almost intoxicating, to gaze upon all angles of a thing that until that moment you never knew existed. Yeah, I’m a nature […]

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Candy Crush must die (Life beyond candy)

The name fits like the sugar-laced glove that it is, this quick-fix for killing time, the it-just-takes-a-moment justification for one more game, one more try, one more life used and wasted on that frustrating level that you just can’t pass. It’s the “stupid game” that I scoffed at until I discovered it on my daughter’s […]

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Something Old

Before I post a photo of my something new, I need to post the final photo of my something old that left just moments after I snapped this. (Hint: It’s not the melodramatic child. I still have her.) Like that favorite pair of shoes that goes with everything, I’m going to miss this old van. […]

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Natural Beauty

Today was one of those wonderfully lazy summer days of sleeping in, puttering around the house, and just relaxing. We had some evening things… church for two and horse back riding for another. And those same three had something else – haircuts. Lesson re-learned: Book concurrent appointments. I’ve learned it before, but in my haste […]

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Baby Livia

There are times when hospitals can be the happiest places on earth. This is how I spent my morning. It’s really hard to be cranky after a morning like this. It just sets up the day for smiles and hugs for my own sweet girls who were even smaller than this – so difficult to […]

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Meet Peter

Perhaps he’s young and curious like the original Peter Rabbit or perhaps our clover are just too sweet to run away from, but this bunny didn’t flinch when I drove up my driveway today even though he sat just 4 feet from it. He looked up as I got out of my car and even […]

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A Baby Chickadee

Since we’ve lived in Maryland, I’ve learned a lot about birds, but it wasn’t until last summer that I noticed babies – baby cardinals then.  Now we have a baby chickadee. He isn’t much smaller than his parents, so if coming alone, I almost wouldn’t recognize his youth, but the first time he came, he […]

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Rectangles and Raindrops

1. Rectangles In the last six days I’ve taken over 2200 photos. Yikes. The photographer part of me is thrilled because that’s 2200 little rectangles of potential that she gets to play with. The writer, however, is irritated that photos are going to eat up precious writing time. This is a problem.  I go on […]

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Going Somewhere.

I don’t quite know how to start this. You can know something’s coming. You can watch it chug on down the track, but still, the arrival can knock you off your feet and leave you feeling a bit off kilter, gut-punched, foggy. This train has been on its way for a while. I’ve been watching […]

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