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The second good-bye…

…is easier. I feel like it shouldn’t be. Like somehow I’m not a good mom because I wasn’t sobbing all the way home. But it was easier. This morning Tiara packed up her things while I tidied up my office and the girls worked on school assignments. We made a list of errands just like […]

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One hundred likes.

Last night, three days after saying goodbye to my oldest daughter and closest friend, I sat down to type a post on one of the POTS Facebook pages that I belong to. I rarely post there, but it was time. This morning it had 104 likes and a flood of comments. “I got quiet when […]

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Gray echos me.

Worn thin like that favorite pair of shoes that you can’t bear to give away, so thin that you can feel every painful rock through the paper-like soles and every pebble jabs like a knife – those are my emotions now. Teary and tenuous. Careful not to speak. Holding it together. A family home waiting, […]

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