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The Atholton children’s triathlon in Columbia, MD

Two of my girls competed in their first triathlon today and I could not be more amazed, impressed, or proud. They’ve watched their dad fall in love with the sport over the last year and have seen him run an Olympic and a sprint. Though they’ve talked about trying it for themselves, the final push […]

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Shiny Green Confidence

How often do events culminate in an enforced shopping trip? For me, never. But… 1) A graduation near Rock Hall, Maryland booked up every hotel in the area on the weekend of Kirk’s triathlon. 2) The closest hotel was in Annapolis, Maryland (home of my favorite go-to mall) 3) He had to pick up his […]

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Fish and other four letter words

My day began with a fish funeral. There was a two hour delay due to last night’s dusting of snow which was nice. I like sleeping a little extra. We had a relaxing morning, then I drove my tweens to school because the history fair project was too big for the bus. My youngest came […]

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Remembering Fun

I played more when they were little though they need it as much now.  They really do and I somehow forget that. It’s not that I don’t do things with my girls.  We cook.  We talk.  We craft.  We go places. But I’ve never been great at “play.”  When they were little I’d build Legos […]

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Random School Stuff

Homework:  “My brother John has _____ eyes.”  (The student should insert an adjective in the blank.) Arianna:  “Mom, I don’t get it.  I don’t have a brother!” I explain.  She gets it. The adjective she chooses?  Punky.  If she had a brother… AND his name was John… he’d have punky eyes.  ;)

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Happy Thanksgiving! It seems weird to say that today. If it wasn’t for Arianna coming home wearing a paper bag vest and headband with a feather in it, I probably would’ve forgotten. Not that we’d forget Thanksgiving entirely. It’s been on my mind for weeks with invitations out and food planned. I even bought two […]

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