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Sunday Meals and Church Shopping

I’m not a fan of “church shopping,” but it seems to be the necessary pain of a move. It took us a long time to find a church in Maryland.  So far we’ve only tried two in Oklahoma, but we’re so anxious to get settled into our new “church family” that it’s already wearing on […]

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Someone likes to take selfies on my phone when I'm not looking, so I find surprises like this when I download photos.

She left me in tears

Today I had the pleasure of running errands with my girls and after being cooped up for so long, it felt like an adventure. We passed the huge TEEMCO Gold Dome and a giant milk bottle on 23rd and saw the Route 66 sign that had me wishing we could just drive a bit farther […]

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The second good-bye…

…is easier. I feel like it shouldn’t be. Like somehow I’m not a good mom because I wasn’t sobbing all the way home. But it was easier. This morning Tiara packed up her things while I tidied up my office and the girls worked on school assignments. We made a list of errands just like […]

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Cantatas and Trees

A few weeks ago, a very brave ten year old girl asked if she could join the adult choir at church –  and they said yes. It was already November and they’d been practicing for the cantata for weeks, but three other girls (ages 16-25) were singing two songs separately, so she joined them in […]

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Moose and squirrel. Those are their nicknames and though they didn’t get them at the same time and it wasn’t intentional, it sort of works. Tiara was with me when Elise was born and the two, though nine years apart, are a tight knit duo. It’s been hard on Elise to have her friend so […]

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Giving Thanks (plus a recipe for Savory Sweet Potatoes with Goat Cheese and Bacon)

I’m sitting here relaxing after working all day on the pre-move purge, a project that isn’t going anywhere soon though the move is coming way to fast. There’s a cold bowl of leftover savory sweet potatoes in front of me, cold because I keep getting distracted and jumping up to move something, pack something, or […]

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shanghai 1955~0001

DC Day: Library of Congress and a Capital sunset

This sky took on a different hue this morning as I drove to DC. Gray and tumultuous in places, it didn’t look like our normal rainy day sky. “Looks like snow”, I thought, but it wasn’t in the forecast. Yet as I slowed to stop a flake came down, then another, then a handful until, […]

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Goodbye, Tick. Hello, Oklahoma.

In purging for a move, I find all sorts of random things like: seashells and birdnests, a butterfly from Spain, driftwood and shark teeth, and now a ziploc baggie with a now-completely-dead hard tick and all the tiny also-dead (I hope) eggs she laid. The first things will move with me, yet the latter, sadly […]

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One hundred likes.

Last night, three days after saying goodbye to my oldest daughter and closest friend, I sat down to type a post on one of the POTS Facebook pages that I belong to. I rarely post there, but it was time. This morning it had 104 likes and a flood of comments. “I got quiet when […]

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Gray echos me.

Worn thin like that favorite pair of shoes that you can’t bear to give away, so thin that you can feel every painful rock through the paper-like soles and every pebble jabs like a knife – those are my emotions now. Teary and tenuous. Careful not to speak. Holding it together. A family home waiting, […]

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