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Beachy Summer Days

Our golden retriever doesn’t like to swim, but she loves water, so on summer days cool enough to walk outside without melting or scalding our feet through our shoes, we like to do nice things for her like take her to the beach. I wander around and see what treasures await me. One time I […]

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Fish and other four letter words

My day began with a fish funeral. There was a two hour delay due to last night’s dusting of snow which was nice. I like sleeping a little extra. We had a relaxing morning, then I drove my tweens to school because the history fair project was too big for the bus. My youngest came […]

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See.  If they can get along… Don’t worry.   They are just playing.  And the cat enjoys this.  In fact, half of the time, the cat starts this. So the dog is genetically wired to want to eat the cat.  Her little brain waves are going “chase, attack, throw around like a chew toy.”  But somewhere […]

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Misha. Good Bye.

Who knew that a drive down McLaughlin Boulevard could make such a difference? A hand-written sign in a dingy pet store window. A cage of kittens all sleeping. Except one. A feisty ball of soft grey fluff. An only kitten and a mix – only half-Persian. Within the budget of a 14 year old girl. […]

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Cone of Shame

Yesterday I had to take 5 minutes in the car outside my favorite coffee shop to collect myself before going in. Logan had an appointment to be fixed. I thought I’d just drop her off and go, but they asked me to stay with her to calm her after they gave her a shot to […]

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This afternoon my doorbell rang. The vigilantes (security folks that drive around our neighborhood 24/7) were at the gate to tell me that my gray cat had been found. He gave me the address and I was out the gate and running before he’d even gotten into his car to drive away. Misha was at […]

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It’s 1:42 am and I’ve already been up a while after being asleep may be an hour. Two little girls lay on the guest bed behind me curled up having just fallen asleep to the soothing music of Jim Brickman. Twenty four hours ago we thought we’d be packed now, heading to Barcelona in the […]

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