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Eleven: Harry Potter Birthday

It’s at age eleven that young wizards expect their letter to Hogwarts, so for Harry Potter fans, eleven is a very special birthday. If time, distance, and money had worked in our favor, we would have taken her to Harry Potter world. Since that wasn’t an option, we brought Harry Potter’s world to her. It […]

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Cantatas and Trees

A few weeks ago, a very brave ten year old girl asked if she could join the adult choir at church –  and they said yes. It was already November and they’d been practicing for the cantata for weeks, but three other girls (ages 16-25) were singing two songs separately, so she joined them in […]

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Memories without photographs

My three youngest girls are all at summer camp leaving just Kirk, T, and I home in quiet. This is our week, T’s and mine – our week to spend together quietly before the craziness of the next two months and the big move to university too far away. We had a million plans. Manicures […]

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A Trust and Faith thing

On a normal library day I spend 6-8 hours sitting at my favorite microfiche scanning machine scrolling through a daily 1940’s newspaper from Shanghai. It’s long and tedious, yet exciting and sort of fun in a nerdy detective kind of way. Sometimes it’s broken up by coffee or a donut and sometimes, like today, it’s […]

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The Atholton children’s triathlon in Columbia, MD

Two of my girls competed in their first triathlon today and I could not be more amazed, impressed, or proud. They’ve watched their dad fall in love with the sport over the last year and have seen him run an Olympic and a sprint. Though they’ve talked about trying it for themselves, the final push […]

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Shiny Green Confidence

How often do events culminate in an enforced shopping trip? For me, never. But… 1) A graduation near Rock Hall, Maryland booked up every hotel in the area on the weekend of Kirk’s triathlon. 2) The closest hotel was in Annapolis, Maryland (home of my favorite go-to mall) 3) He had to pick up his […]

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Fish and other four letter words

My day began with a fish funeral. There was a two hour delay due to last night’s dusting of snow which was nice. I like sleeping a little extra. We had a relaxing morning, then I drove my tweens to school because the history fair project was too big for the bus. My youngest came […]

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Resolute. In January. Sugar and Tech Free.

I began this blog with a post entitled “Social Media at Home” that described my frustration with devices that steal us away from each other and our own dreams and accomplishments. And in the time since, we’ve done well enough. There are days we all slack off, tired or not feeling well, and resort to […]

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Meet Christmas

On Christmas morning, I sent “Merry Christmas” texts to a bunch of people on my phone, (cards will be late this year) and autocorrect changed “merry” to “meet.” This afternoon, I realized that the autocorrect had something there.  We did “meet Christmas” today.  I’ll tell you about it.   It began with Donna at Rite […]

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Creativity: Foam Cone Christmas Trees

Last year I bought 5 foam cone Christmas trees thinking it would be fun for the girls and I to decorate them together with buttons or ribbons, papers or fabrics, but Christmas came and went and those cones were dumped into a box of craft stuff, a black hole of possibilities that grows exponentially in […]

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