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A Trust and Faith thing

On a normal library day I spend 6-8 hours sitting at my favorite microfiche scanning machine scrolling through a daily 1940’s newspaper from Shanghai. It’s long and tedious, yet exciting and sort of fun in a nerdy detective kind of way. Sometimes it’s broken up by coffee or a donut and sometimes, like today, it’s […]

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Shiny Green Confidence

How often do events culminate in an enforced shopping trip? For me, never. But… 1) A graduation near Rock Hall, Maryland booked up every hotel in the area on the weekend of Kirk’s triathlon. 2) The closest hotel was in Annapolis, Maryland (home of my favorite go-to mall) 3) He had to pick up his […]

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Meet Christmas

On Christmas morning, I sent “Merry Christmas” texts to a bunch of people on my phone, (cards will be late this year) and autocorrect changed “merry” to “meet.” This afternoon, I realized that the autocorrect had something there.  We did “meet Christmas” today.  I’ll tell you about it.   It began with Donna at Rite […]

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Mommy lesson: Happiness is a messy kitchen.

You’ve heard the expression about “running a tight ship,” right? It’s a proud expression, I think. One that means you’re efficient and organized – both good things. I love the idea of those things, and I want to be these things, but Martha, I’m so totally not and “Domestic Goddess” I’ve never been, so the […]

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Accepting Differences

I was reminded of another lesson I needed to learn while walking around Busch Gardens last Friday (Yes, another lesson. You didn’t think Busch Gardens was so educational, did you?). I guess it just goes to show you that a) I have a lot to learn and b) God uses ordinary moments to teach extraordinary […]

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