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11 Year Old Birthday in 2013

So my 11 year old is one of those people who loves everyone and everything. She doesn’t want a theme or a plan, but I know we need one anyway, so I searched the net for “11 year old birthday party ideas” and picked a few, just to be ready, because even these girls can’t […]

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Mommy lesson: Happiness is a messy kitchen.

You’ve heard the expression about “running a tight ship,” right? It’s a proud expression, I think. One that means you’re efficient and organized – both good things. I love the idea of those things, and I want to be these things, but Martha, I’m so totally not and “Domestic Goddess” I’ve never been, so the […]

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Accepting Differences

I was reminded of another lesson I needed to learn while walking around Busch Gardens last Friday (Yes, another lesson. You didn’t think Busch Gardens was so educational, did you?). I guess it just goes to show you that a) I have a lot to learn and b) God uses ordinary moments to teach extraordinary […]

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A Girl Who Twerks.

Although I do a fairly good job of keeping myself in continual state of pop-culture ignorance, I am not unaware of the spectacle that a certain Cyrus put on at a certain award show on Sunday night. While I won’t go off on the value of SUNDAY of all things, and I won’t put myself […]

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Social Networking at Home

The title’s misleading, but not. You see, I’m on Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest, Livemapp, Instagram, and Google+, and while I get that those may be important for the whole internet marketing media stuff that anyone with anything online (like a blog) “has to do,” I’ve decided that there’s a limit to what I […]

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