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Bridges and Giants: A half-day in Portland

Growing up somewhere doesn’t mean you know it well. Actually, I’ve met adults who’ve lived in a place their entire lives and still don’t know much about it. I suppose some people just don’t care. Me, I was a kid in Portland. I grew up there, going where my parents took me. I could care […]

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The North Beach Polar Bear Plunge

The great New Year’s sleeping in was thwarted this year when I had to pick a tween up from a party. Awake and curious, I woke my youngest two and drug them to North Beach for the annual Polar Bear Plunge. No, we wouldn’t test the Chesapeake waters, though Elise protested. We’ll watch… and then, […]

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Cranberries Sugared and Sauced

I am a big fan of the cranberry. Probably because it’s super sour and definitely because it’s my favorite color and possibly a little because it floats, I just think cranberries are one of the absolutely best berries around. Add that POP! when it cooks, and there’s just nothing that can compare. So on Thanksgiving […]

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Innocence Shattered on Groundhog’s Day

The Washington Post  shattered my childlike delusions of Puxatawny Phil this morning and I shall never feel the same.  Until this morning I believed that however unscientific and random it might be, that Phil would indeed be the decider of our prediction, that he would emerge, turn around most likely confused by the thousands of […]

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