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VOB Trip Day 3: Bad Tatzmanndorf, AU to Budapest

25 September 2008 If they could do nothing else, the Austrians will score big points in my book for doing a wonderful breakfast. Yes, of course, Austria is known for other things… the skiing, the hospitality, the coffee, the Schnapps… the list goes on. But like the Germans, the breakfast is just wonderful. Delicious breads, […]

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VOB Trip Day 2b: Oberwart, Austria

24 September 2008 This part of the trip was probably the most anticipated, but also the shortest with the greatest amount of unknowns. I’d gone through Grandpa’s book and taken notes on every Austrian and Hungarian town he’d mentioned, but I only had one address and the name of another street. I had nothing concrete, […]

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VOB Trip Day 2a: Vienna

24 September 2008 Our breakfast in Vienna would be incentive to get up on time each morning. It was absolutely delicious – and abundant as well. Fresh baked breads lined up on the wooden cutting board with a bread knife beside them and a linen napkin draped over the top. Trays of delicious cheeses and […]

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VOB Trip Day 1: Vienna, Austria

23 September 2008 When I moved here to Germany, there were two trips already set in my mind that I could not forget to take. One is the trip to Berlin that we’ll do as a family this spring to tour the city and to see the place where my grandmother grew up. The other […]

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