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"The Principal Monument of Albarracín is the City Itself."

Iron and Walls in Albarracin, Spain

From Teruel, you’ll wind along a narrow road along with a quiet river on one side and the edge of a mountain on the other.  Sometimes you’ll see a sign and a dusty parking area where you can jump out and explore.  May be you’ll find a ruin or an old Roman aqueduct.  You may […]

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A Walk in Oropesa, Spain

While walking across the bridge in Montanejos yesterday, I talked to a lady from Madrid who told me how beautiful Oropesa is, so this morning, seeing that Oropesa really isn’t that far from us, we took a drive about 40 minutes up the coast from Valencia to explore. I saw it from the highway as […]

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Saguntum, Sagunto: Carthaginian ruin

Saguntum, Sagunto: Carthaginian ruin

Sagunto is not new to me.  We discovered this Carthaginian town sprawled across the top of Sagunto’s hill the day we arrived in Valencia driving by it then wondering what it could be.  Little did I know how incredibly ancient it was or I probably would have swerved off the road in surprise.  Since then […]

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Montanejos and beyond

An easy scenic drive and day trip from Valencia or Teruel Surprises happen here.  Life has been going on here since before Christ’s birth and so, as with any old country, little treasures just appear here and there without warning.  Today was one of those treasure hunts, a drive without a destination, an idea that […]

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The Albufera: Valencia’s Fresh Water Lake

Just south of Valencia lies Europe’s largest freshwater lake, or at least it used to be.  I’m not sure if that claim by locals is figured off of the current lake size or what it used to be before much of its circumference became home to the rice paddies that grow the regions paella rice.  […]

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Jérica, Spain

A day trip from Valencia, Spain – 40 minutes northwest from the city. Jérica isn’t in any of our guidebooks or tourist guides.  It barely shows up on most maps, but if you drive from Sagunto up the V-23, you’ll notice it on your left with its tall bell tower rising up from a little hill […]

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A Hike in Navajas, Spain

Twenty minutes up the A23 from Segunto, lays Navajas, a small town just past Segorbe with beautiful palacial homes and a blue-green river that curves around it.  If you follow the signs to Navajas and drive straight through the town, you’ll find yourself at a roundabout that overlooks the little river valley and a small […]

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Callosa’s Battle: Moros y Cristianos

Callosa stages two battles during their Moros y Cristianos (Moors and Christians) festival.  I met Elisa on Monday at the Corsair’s filá, where they meet, eat, and drink. Bands and filas began a slow walk towards the staging areas toasting their oversized drinks and sucking on Chupa Chups.  The Corsairs went last.  “You’re in Spain,” […]

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Chinchilla. Castilla-La Mancha. Spain.

Chinchilla. Castilla-La Mancha. Spain.

Chinchilla is only 10 minutes from Albacete, nestled in the center of Castilla La Mancha.  There, a castle looms high on a hill with the village cascading down from it sort of like an over frosted cake in the sun.  It’s pretty impressive at first glance, but then, these “castle on a hill” villages are […]

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Almansa, Spain in Castilla-La Mancha

Once upon a time there was a castle  on a little hill in Spain pretty much out in the middle of nowhere which is quite typical for many of these castle-on-a-hill types in Spain…  You’ll find this one in Almansa about 90 minutes south of Valencia on the way to Albacete in the province of […]

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