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Coves de San Josep at Vall D’Uixo

Vall D’Uixo is a small village just off the old A-7 about 30 minutes north of Puzol known mostly for the caves of Saint Joseph where a subterranean river flows.  After a week of errands, swimming, and “hanging out” at home, I was in the need to get out, at least for a while. Coves […]

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Albacete. Castilla La Mancha.

Albacete  holds a place on several “worst places to visit in Spain” lists including some created by Spanish travel sources as well.  Really.  I’ve seen the lists.  It’s there.  If you mention Albacete to Spanish you’ll either get a look of sympathy that you have been there, a look of shock that you’d ever think […]

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Alcalá del Júcar in Castilla La Mancha, Spain

One hour 45 minutes from Valencia.  50 minutes from Albacete. The Júcar river has carved out a narrow valley here amongst these limestone cliffs where many people have created cave dwellings by carving into the cliffs themselves.  In Alcalá del Júcar, these dwellings begin on one side of the crag and continue all the way […]

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Montesa, Spain

About 1 hour from Valencia lies this tiny little village creeping up the hill towards an old castle ruin at the top.  It’s off to your right just off the highway and nearly impossible to miss.  The village was quiet today, so it’s hard to know if it ever really gets touristy, but if you’re […]

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Bejís and the waterfalls at Los Clóticos

Bejis is a small mountain village in the Comunidad Valenciana known for the water that’s bottled there.  It sits high on a hill with amazing panoramic views from its ruined castle. There isn’t a tremendous amount to be seen in the town, but it’s still a nice little village to walk through with an old […]

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