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A Spanish Bull Fight

What do you think of when you think of Spain?  Don Quijote’s windmills, flamenco, guitar, tapas, paella, white-washed towns, dusty streets, color…  toros? You can’t really drive very far in Spain without seeing the iconic bull silhouetted against the cloud mottled sky, standing on a hill aside the highway.  They are scattered along random stretches […]

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Camilo Miralles: Valencian Silks

Camilo Miralles Bautista Riera 30 46100 Burjasot (Valencia) +34 963 638 017 The oldest manufacturer of silk fabrics is here in Valencia.  Founded in the 19th century, Camilo Miralles imports and processes raw silk, dyes it, and weaves it into the phenomenal fabrics you see here, the fabrics that will be displayed during Valencia’s […]

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Paella Valenciana: The Culture and the Recipe

Tourists know Valencia’s dish served in most restaurants in Spain’s eastern province, but few know the beauty of this meal which embodies local culture.  From the Valenciano word for “pan,” paella (pa-ay-ah) was created by peasants long ago who cooked it then as they do now, entirely in one pan and over an open flame. […]

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A Local Spanish Festival in a Valencian Village: Fest de Sant Pere in El Puig

Tifnotes:  On the last Sunday of each January, the small village of El Puig celebrates the Fest de Sant Pere Nolasc. If you go, bring a small pot and a couple of euros to donate to next year’s feast.  There’s a carnival which is fun for kids, but culture junkies will enjoy the dancing and […]

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