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Preuvenemint, Maastricht (Food and Music)

You may have heard of the “Bite of” events in the states where restaurants show off a bit to show the best food in a region. Here, the Preuvenemint is just that – like a “Bite of Maastricht,” for four days some of the best restaurants in the city set up tents in the Vrithof […]

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Sittard ‘s Kinderoptocht – Carnival Children’s Parade

This Sunday, 7 February, at 1333 this year’s Children’s Carnival Parade will begin in Sittard.  If you have kids, GO!  It’s a lot of fun and the costumes and makeup are absolutely amazing!  If you’re a fan of Bagels and Beans, YES, they will be open.  That’s a great place to stand and watch the […]

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Maastricht: Coffee, Ice Cream, and Chocolate – The Tastebud’s Stroll of Choice

For all you foodies out there, here’s a quick Maastricht stroll that will make your taste buds very happy. Plus, the atmosphere is good… the walk is good… the streets are quaint. There’s no bad here. I often end up at Maastricht’s Helpoort – the old Roman gate near the waterfront. There, you’ll find one […]

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Sittard ‘s Kinderoptocht

For those of you with little time, I will occasionally be publishing these blog entries with “Tifnotes,” a condensed, to-the-point summary of the usually long winded entry. Here’s the first Tifnote– the full entry will follow for those with time to read. Tifnotes version: We went to the Children’s Carnival Parade in Sittard and had […]

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Finding a book in English while traveling in Europe.

Am I the only one who finds comfort in running my fingers along the spines of books I can read?  To find a book in English in a sea of foreign languages is a real joy to me and though most of my travel is overcome with photography and note taking, food and socializing, there […]

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GK Local: Eier Liqueur

In chocolates and cakes, with whipped cream and coffee, and even in ice cream and chocolate truffels, egg liquor is a very popular flavoring here both in Germany and the Netherlands. In German it’s “eier liquor” and in Dutch it’s “advocaat.” Either way, it’s a bright orange-yellow, potent, yet sweet, runny egg yolk liqueur that […]

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Happy Thanksgiving! It seems weird to say that today. If it wasn’t for Arianna coming home wearing a paper bag vest and headband with a feather in it, I probably would’ve forgotten. Not that we’d forget Thanksgiving entirely. It’s been on my mind for weeks with invitations out and food planned. I even bought two […]

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