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Guide: The OKC Zoo

The Oklahoma City Zoo is one of my favorite zoos. My youngest three grew up here spending countless days sitting by the glass near the apes or big cats watching, smiling, and waving at the animals just inches away. It’s family friendly, fun, affordable, and has the perfect balance of little-kid play and amazing animals. […]

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Elephants and Sealions

I didn’t invite the elephant, but he came anyway. We got up early and worked as much as we had energy for. Since Wednesday we’ve been unpacking, sorting, shopping, and organizing in an attempt to make her dorm room like more like home because, well, it’s going to be for this next year and all […]

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I wonder if “gorge” and “gorgeous” are related*. They ought to be. One certainly is the other – especially here, along the Oregon/Washington border, the land of waterfalls, salmon, hiking trails, and rugged beauty as far as the eye can see. So we’re here in one of my favorite states and my girl can’t move […]

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Bridges and Giants: A half-day in Portland

Growing up somewhere doesn’t mean you know it well. Actually, I’ve met adults who’ve lived in a place their entire lives and still don’t know much about it. I suppose some people just don’t care. Me, I was a kid in Portland. I grew up there, going where my parents took me. I could care […]

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Velella Velellas

I think that I experienced just a tiny bit of the joy that a scientist must feel in making a new discovery. The thrill of seeing something completely unexpected is sort of magical, almost intoxicating, to gaze upon all angles of a thing that until that moment you never knew existed. Yeah, I’m a nature […]

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Old art and new friends

Facebook is a funny thing. Over two decades ago my husband sat next to a girl on a flight to Germany. A year later he sat next to her on the flight home. Those are the only times they’ve seen each other until today, but they shared a common experience as exchange students in Germany […]

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Savage Mill Birthday Zipline

I’m a big fan of birthdays and a fierce believer in celebrating them as fervently as possible. If you don’t believe me, go back and review the way I threw myself out of an airplane for my 40th. Age is an attitude, but it’s also a gift that brings with it maturity, knowledge, wisdom, and […]

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Friends Forever and the Navy Memorial in DC

I think it was ’89 or ’90 that my church group did Michael W Smith’s Friends Forever tour, a musical that we took up to Vancouver BC for a week long trip. That was my first choir tour and a special one. We were more like family than friends, so that last song was real […]

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Annapolis Greek Festival

Lesson learned: Do NOT go to the Annapolis Greek festival overly tired or not-hungry. The point is to eat and eat abundantly. As the brochure says, “Greek food is good and we have the figures to prove it!” I’m kicking myself now. We parked easily at the high school right as the shuttle drove up, […]

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Swan Lake by the Moscow Festival Ballet

Tifnotes: Naval Academy Distinguished Artist Series It is no secret that the entire DC area is ridiculously expensive. Apart from free museums and monuments, you want food or entertainment and you better have deep pockets. Living here, I’d love to go to the Kennedy Center all season and see all the amazing performances there… but… […]

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