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Art & Artist: Clyfford Still, The Father of Abstract Expressionism

  Tifnotes:  Even if you don’t love “modern art,” or the work of Mark Rothco or Pollock, you should still stop by the Clyfford Still museum.  There is no other museum where you will find such a complete collection of work by an artist of this magnitude.  The work itself is moving in its size, […]

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Achieving Gold at Denver’s History of Colorado Center

I earned a gold medal today for an outstanding ski jump.  It was pretty phenomenal.  There I was crouched down on my skis, fresh powder before me, my spaghetti strapped maxi-dress blowing in the wind.  I sprang up and watched the tips of my skis as I took to the air, then landed perfectly and […]

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Pedaling Panna Cotta in Denver

If you find yourself in Denver on any given day, you may be rewarded with an impromptu treat delivered to you in style by Panna Cotta Peddler’s Lara Galante who hands out samples of her delicious Italian pudding and serves up portions to those who’ve become hooked which is often the case.  Once you’re hooked […]

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Yves Saint Laurent- The Retrospective curated by Florence Muller,Pierre Berge

Yves Saint Laurent: Fashion and Feminism at Denver’s Art Museum

There are those who scoff at fashion claiming that it is created by men for the objectification of women.   There are those who would shirk from slim waists and clean lines in fear that it would discredit her intellect.  But then for those fortunate enough to find that perfect pair of pants that slims and […]

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