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Bridges and Giants: A half-day in Portland

Growing up somewhere doesn’t mean you know it well. Actually, I’ve met adults who’ve lived in a place their entire lives and still don’t know much about it. I suppose some people just don’t care. Me, I was a kid in Portland. I grew up there, going where my parents took me. I could care […]

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OBX Trip Day 2: The ER

Travelers don’t always think about health care until they have to.  I never did, though I should have.  Now that my daughter is chronically ill, I have to plan differently and think about things that I took for granted before.  Illness doesn’t mean you can’t travel, but it means you focus on the types of […]

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OBX Trip Day 1: Driving to North Carolin’s Outer Banks

Tifnotes: From Southern Maryland to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, it’s roughly a 5 hour drive if you take the 95 route.  There are tolls, but not many and the drive is fairly easy and direct. The Digs:  Thanks to a quick search on Homeaway, I found this amazing house that was available just […]

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