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Old art and new friends

Facebook is a funny thing. Over two decades ago my husband sat next to a girl on a flight to Germany. A year later he sat next to her on the flight home. Those are the only times they’ve seen each other until today, but they shared a common experience as exchange students in Germany […]

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Friends Forever and the Navy Memorial in DC

I think it was ’89 or ’90 that my church group did Michael W Smith’s Friends Forever tour, a musical that we took up to Vancouver BC for a week long trip. That was my first choir tour and a special one. We were more like family than friends, so that last song was real […]

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The Capital Building

The DC Shutdown in Photos

Knowing that DC’s shutdown couldn’t last forever, Tiara and I metro-ed in Tuesday to snap photos of the monuments in their newly barricaded state.  The news in all its sensationalist drama had painted a dreary picture, so I expected large cement road blocks, barricades surrounding each monument, crowds standing helplessly at the edge peering in, […]

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A Georgetown Chocolate Tour

As a rule, I don’t like tours. Or may be I don’t like the “idea” of tours because I imagine a bus full of people quite a bit older than me being shuffled around like cattle from place to place with no sense of fun or freedom. Yeah, that’s it. I don’t like those kind […]

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The Crime Museum: DC’s Museum of Crime and Punishment

My seventeen-year old wasn’t excited to go to DC’s Crime Museum.  I think, to her, it probably sounded like a punishment for which there was no crime, but I got a Groupon deal and told her that this was her “educational” field-trip for the week and it would include lunch.   Parking: DO NOT PARK at […]

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A. Litterati Italian Market

A. Litteri and The Florida Market

Tifnotes:  The Florida Market is worth a stop for the A. Litteri Italian market alone, but there are several other ethnic grocers here with unique items at great prices that make this a nice once a year kind of place to go; however, it isn’t fancy nor super clean.  You’re not going into a Whole […]

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The Burger Joint

I love a good hamburger, almost (gasp) as much as I love a good cup of coffee.  Horrible, I know, but to me, a hamburger is the perfect food.  You have protein and veggie held together with enough carb so that you don’t get your fingers dirty.  I love that too… I can eat a […]

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Zoo Lights at D.C.’s National Zoo

Zoo Lights is one of those annual anticipated Christmas events in DC.  Free, festive, and family friendly, it kicks off the season nicely beginning right after Thanksgiving and continues until after the first. Tonight was our first Zoo Lights evening and though we enjoyed the outing, it wasn’t quite what we expected.  Though the lights […]

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Sculpture Garden Ice Rink

Tifnotes: (scroll down for our experience ice skating in DC) From mid-November through mid-March residents and guests of the Washington DC area have a beautiful place to ice skate outdoors.  Set up inside the National Gallery of Art’s Sculpture Garden, you’ll skate in a beautiful setting surrounded by lights, trees, and in front of the […]

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