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Beachy Summer Days

Our golden retriever doesn’t like to swim, but she loves water, so on summer days cool enough to walk outside without melting or scalding our feet through our shoes, we like to do nice things for her like take her to the beach. I wander around and see what treasures await me. One time I […]

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Natural Beauty

Today was one of those wonderfully lazy summer days of sleeping in, puttering around the house, and just relaxing. We had some evening things… church for two and horse back riding for another. And those same three had something else – haircuts. Lesson re-learned: Book concurrent appointments. I’ve learned it before, but in my haste […]

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A Baby Chickadee

Since we’ve lived in Maryland, I’ve learned a lot about birds, but it wasn’t until last summer that I noticed babies – baby cardinals then.  Now we have a baby chickadee. He isn’t much smaller than his parents, so if coming alone, I almost wouldn’t recognize his youth, but the first time he came, he […]

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Rectangles and Raindrops

1. Rectangles In the last six days I’ve taken over 2200 photos. Yikes. The photographer part of me is thrilled because that’s 2200 little rectangles of potential that she gets to play with. The writer, however, is irritated that photos are going to eat up precious writing time. This is a problem.  I go on […]

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DC in Pink!

Anyone who knows me well, knows that me and morning are about as friendly as Batman and Joker. Morning is sort of like working out. I like the idea of it, but the reality is just plain ugly. Unless it’s a photo op. Tell me there’s a once in a lifetime event that I need […]

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An Afternoon in Georgetown

Georgetown was one of the first things on Tiara’s “stuff to do before I move” list. She’d only been there twice. Both times it rained. So today, without umbrellas or plan, we headed up to Georgetown just to walk, take a few pictures, and soak up the atmosphere in this neighborhood that predates D.C.  I […]

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