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Sasha’s First Solo

After her third voice lesson, she walked out with Miss Cora who usually goes over exercises that she should do for the week. That day she was so blown away by Elise’s performance of Cupid’s Got a Shotgun that she asked if she’d like to sing on the Children’s Stage at the Norman Music Festival. […]

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Goodbye, Tick. Hello, Oklahoma.

In purging for a move, I find all sorts of random things like: seashells and birdnests, a butterfly from Spain, driftwood and shark teeth, and now a ziploc baggie with a now-completely-dead hard tick and all the tiny also-dead (I hope) eggs she laid. The first things will move with me, yet the latter, sadly […]

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Fashion Faux… Or How NOT to Pack.

It’s not every day that I am that women. That one that you see, elbow your daughter or friend, and say, “do you see that woman?” And her eyes go big and she gasps and you both quietly giggle at the absolute absurdity of her “dressed in the dark” style. No, that’s not normally (ever) […]

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I think most travelers get “itchy feet.” There’s a moment when we’ve stayed too long and we need a different view. My words are like that too. Perhaps they just never fit. Though I loved the alliteration of Verbose Vagabond and loved that VV looks like a W (my last initial), I’m not sure it […]

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A woman peers from a window in Pamplona, Spain

A New Home

Home is where the words fall I’ve been house hunting for a while. Not for a rectangular box of stone and wood, but for a space, a cozy, well-constructed home for my words. It’s been a rough road as I’ve looked for a space that would fit me, or more importantly, that I would fit […]

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Under Dogs by Zuzak

I’ve been reading backwards. Not intentionally, or course. I discovered The Book Thief first, was mesmerized, then horrified, then gutted and left lifeless. True. It’s a powerful book with long-term effects. I fell under the spell of characters I didn’t want to like let alone mourn, then yearned to read more by this author/magician who […]

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United Way’s Day of Caring

Sometimes I can’t travel far.  Sometimes “traveling” means traveling where I live and embracing what’s here. While living abroad, I heard countless locals tell me that they hadn’t been “there,” the where ever I’d just gone in their own country. Even here in Maryland, I find myself seeing things that so many take for granted. […]

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Yucky Stifling Soggy Heat. Maryland humidity.

All I can say is that I’m absolutely delighted that I currently live in a home with air conditioning because if I was still in Germany in my 100-year-old brick oven, I would absolutely die. Fans could not do a thing. Truly, I can’t complain because other places have had it hotter, but the humidity […]

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Road Trip to TBEX

When the it was announces last year that the TBEX would be in Toronto, I immediately looked at the map and calculated driving times. 9 hours. A one-woman road trip? Totally doable. Really?  Now I’m wondering what I was thinking. Last year I flew and stayed in a nice boutique hotel. This year I’m driving […]

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Photo of the Day: Merry Christmas

I’m learning to appreciate “home.”  After living overseas for nearly 6 years and getting excited about so many differences, it’s easy to fall into the trap of glorifying the new and different, to think that somehow the rest of the world is more special, more unique.  Even the little things excited me in Europe and […]

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