Chinchilla. Castilla-La Mancha. Spain.

Chinchilla is only 10 minutes from Albacete, nestled in the center of Castilla La Mancha.  There, a castle looms high on a hill with the village cascading down from it sort of like an over frosted cake in the sun.  It’s pretty impressive at first glance, but then, these “castle on a hill” villages are almost common place here.

Still, there’s nothing “common place” about Chinchilla.  It will surprise you.  There is an active theater group that does a lot of street performances, so if you get lucky, you might just find yourself watching a play.

There are a couple small cafes in the Plaza de la Mancha where you’ll find the old church of Santa María del Salvador and several other historical buildings with a nice mix of wood and stone architecture from the 16th-18th centuries.  Up the hill, you’ll find an old Moorish bath house, and further on, you can see the 15th century castle which is currently undergoing renovations.

It’s worth a visit if you’re in the area.  Do take the time to stroll through the old streets.  It’s really a beautiful place with a lot more to offer than appears from the highway.

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