GK Local: Chocolaterie “Ducharette”

Coming very highly recommended from a friend who considered this the best chocolate around here, I finally made it over to the tiny chocolaterie Ducharette. Near the market square down from the church in Ubach over Worms, it’s 5 minutes from base and easy to find. My family tried them and all I heard was “mmmm” for several minutes until the last bits of chocolate were gone. According to my mom, “the centers are so creamy, it’s like they made them this morning.” For me, it’s all good. I am not even fond of milk or white chocolates, but even those were delicious.

Run by a couple using their own recipes, all chocolates are hand made. Gift boxes are nicely wrapped. Sugar free chocolates and custom made with your own design or picture!

Chocolaterie “Ducharette”
Kloosterstraat 5
6374 EN Ubach over Worms
Landgraaf, NL

Tel: 0031-(0)45-531-24-96
Open: Tues-Fri 0900-1800 Sat 0900-1600



Directions: From Geilenkirchen, make that right off the main road towards Herleen/Landgraaf as if you were going to Snowworld. Keep on that main road until you reach a round-about and turn left. Take the very first right – it should say Kloosterstraat. If you GPS this, remember that Kloosterstraat is split with on half on the left about a block up the road. The GPS knows this part, but doesn’t know the right hand half well, so make sure you look for the Kloosterstraat sign on the right.

If you go: Of course, buy some chocolate (and if you’re really nice, you’ll send me some). While you’re there, you can wander around and enjoy some nice little shops. There is a nice children’s clothing store and a cute boutique there as well as a wine shop, a fruit shop, and several small restaurants.

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  1. Chris September 24, 2009 2:55 pm #

    Oh, do I miss Ducharette! I have been to GK twice on short TDY’s with the Guard Tankers, and I can’t agree enough about the quality of chocolates from this place.

    Those of you in GK or heading that way: enjoy it! You are VERY lucky to be stationed in such a beautiful place, and I envy you every day. From the NATO chow hall (yum!) to the nice running paths along the perimeter fence, GK is a really neat base. And the area nearby is just amazing!

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