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If you’re planning on heading to The Netherlands (i.e. Holland) and think you might stay a while, then picking up this museum card might be a great savings for you.  It’s perfect for those travelers who will be renting a car or going by rail and moving around the country a bit and what an experience that would be.  The Netherlands has a tremendous amount to offer that most people never see.  Get out of Amsterdam and explore!

What?  For less than 40 Euros, you’ll have access to 135 places in The Netherlands for an entire year including several local places that you may not have seen yet!  To find out more (in English), check out this Great Article About the Benefits of the Museum Card.

Museumkaart 2012 Prices: €39.95 for adults, €19.95 for students and individuals under 24 (an additional one-time administration fee of €4.95 is applied to new subscriptions)

Official Website:

      Where can I buy these in Amsterdam?

For other cities click on “Waar koop ik de museumkaart” and enter either the province, city (plaats) or zip code (postcode) of the place you’ll be visiting, then click “Zoek.”

What museums accept the Museumkaart?

       What will I see in Amsterdam with my card?

For other cities, click on “Welke musea doen mee” and enter the province (Amsterdam is in Nord Holland), the city (plaats) or zip code (postcode) of the place you’ll be visiting, then click “Zoek.”  You can also search by museum category.

The lists are often longer than what you see initially, so be sure to look to the right for the letters of the entries (like in a dictionary) that will tell you what page you’re on or look below to see the words “« Vorige | Volgende ».”  These are links for backward (vorige) or forward (volgende) so that you can click through the lists.

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