Coves de San Josep at Vall D’Uixo

Vall D’Uixo is a small village just off the old A-7 about 30 minutes north of Puzol known mostly for the caves of Saint Joseph where a subterranean river flows.  After a week of errands, swimming, and “hanging out” at home, I was in the need to get out, at least for a while.

Coves de Sant Josep
Vall D’Uixo
GPS coordinants:  3º 26´ 08´´E, 39º 49´34´´

To get there:  Follow the A7 (NOT the toll highway) north towards Castellon then exit at Vall D’Uixo.  Follow the towns to the town, then watch for signs for the caves.  They are called Cuevas, Coves and Grotes on different signs.  You’ll continue straight through the roundabouts towards the mountains at the back of the town, then the signs will bring you to the left and around to the entrance of the park.  Parking is free, but the attendant does accept tips.

Activities:  Cave tour, small chapel and museum on the hill, swimming, train ride, paintball, go-carts, reastaurants including one inside the caves, cafes and ice cream shops, gift shops.

Pool:  Open roughly June 15th – September 10th from 1130-1900 

The Cave Tour:  The cave tours begin at 11 and last about 40 minutes.  A new tour begins every 45 minutes until 1315, then there’s a afternoon break until 1530 when tours begin again.  You’ll enter the cave at the tour time, get onto a boat, and cruise down the river a bit through narrow areas where you have to duck down to avoid hitting your head and through large “rooms” with stalagtites hanging from above.  The crystal clear water reflects the caves with many places lit up along the way.  The boat will dock and let you out for a short walk along a very clear, flat path.  It’s quite beautiful there as well.  Then you’ll return to the boat to finish the tour and return to where you started.

Temperature remains 20 degrees C. all year, so it’s a perfect activity to do on a very hot or very cold day to escape the elements.

These beautiful caves can be a nice quick outing as well as an educational one.  The tour is in Spanish, but an English one could be arranged for a large group if you reserve ahead.

The DO NOT ALLOW PHOTOGRAPHY, but don’t say anything about touching the stalagmites which is very strange.  Touching these “growing”rocks can stop the growth. 

The Ermita Sagrada Familia:  Accessible from the stairs next to the cave entrance, this chapel is very pretty, but it is, just a small chapel, so if you don’t like stairs, don’t go.  There isn’t much more than the chapel at the top of the hill and it’s very small.

The Museum:  Next to the chapel is a small museum that you can enter for one euro, yet even at this price, it’s hardly worth it.  It contains a room of priest robes and several rooms of paintings dated 2009 and 2010. A few old shoes and “new” tapestries held up to the railings with clothespins.  If you follow the metal path from the side of the museum, it leads to an overlook where you have a nice view of the town of Vall D’Uixo.

Day Trip:  For a nice day, combine this cave trip with a visit to Chilches/Xilxes, a nice beach and village nearby.

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