Eleven: Harry Potter Birthday

It’s at age eleven that young wizards expect their letter to Hogwarts, so for Harry Potter fans, eleven is a very special birthday. If time, distance, and money had worked in our favor, we would have taken her to Harry Potter world. Since that wasn’t an option, we brought Harry Potter’s world to her.

It began with a private pinterest board shared between her sisters and I, then a request to her grandma to see if she could make the cloak that my meager sewing skills wouldn’t manage. The rest came together in the last week… wands, a brick wall, snitches, and more. Since this was just for her and we weren’t throwing a party, I did throttle back a bit, but as I woke up, I heard, “This is insane!!”  and knew I’d done it right.

I would have liked to video her reaction, but unlike school days when I have to drag her up from a deep sleep, birthday are like Christmas when she’s the first out of bed, bright-eyed and curious.

Though a Ravenclaw hooded cloak hung on her bedroom door with her Hogwarts Acceptance letter and school supply list, she passed by half-asleep and didn’t notice anything strange until she saw the bathroom.


Painted with acrylic paint because we didn’t have red lipstick. There’s a dementor in the background made from wire hangers and cheap black chiffon.

Then Moaning Myrtle made her jump.


Printed from an online photo, cut out, then taped to the inside lid of the toilet.

She then saw the cloak and put it on carrying  her letter with her as she saw the platform 9 3/4 tickets and passed through the brick wall into another world.


I whitewashed brown Kraft paper, then took a mix of red and brown paints and stamped the brick wall pattern with a rectangular kitchen sponge. It works with fabrics too.


Printed from an online Google images search.













Printed from an image found in a Google images search

In Ollivander’s, she found a collection of wands that she could choose from, small gold snitches, a dragon egg, and polyjuice potion.



Jars from Hobby Lobby, Polyjuice potion is green food dye in ginger ale, the purple “potion” is just sugar with food coloring mixed in.


Wands: Chopsticks covered in swirls and globs of hot glue and beads, then painted in acrylic paint.


Snitches are Ferrero Rocher chocolates with paper wings glued on with Alene's Tacky Glue. The Dragon Egg is a paper mache egg from Hobby Lobby painted gold. Gold pins make it look better, but the paint was too wet and the pins made the paper collapse.

Snitches are Ferrero Rocher chocolates with paper wings glued on with Alene’s Tacky Glue. The Dragon Egg is a paper mache egg from Hobby Lobby painted gold. Gold pins make it look better, but the paint was too wet and the pins made the paper collapse.






















Wanted posters were scattered around the house.


Printed from an image found in a Google search.

Tom Riddles Diary sat in one corner with feather pens.


There was a logo on the cover of this small lined notebook, so I roughly painted the cover with black paint. It gave it an old beaten up look. I used grey paint to make the label and hand wrote the name in Sharpie.


Globs of pain inside work well and a bit of black paint on the tip of the feather gives it the pen look.

And a Dumbledore quote painted on canvas sat on the breakfast table.


From here it progressed into a normal birthday.  Friends came over for her chosen breakfast of biscuits and gravy, then we headed to Heyday, the best local fun place where we went bowling, played laser tag, and finished a full round of minigolf.


Friends at Hey Day!

Lunch afterwards at Red Robin, the birthday girl’s choice, then we had to split off for lessons – she had voice lessons tonight.

Back home, the Harry Potter theme continued with a replica of the cake that Hagrid made for Harry’s 11th. The beauty of this cake is that it doesn’t have to be pretty. In fact, pretty would be wrong, and proper spelling would be wrong too. I actually messed this up because I was going to spell Elise, “Elees,” but forgot.


At the end of the day, I asked what she liked best (fully expecting a “laser tag” answer), and she said “waking up to the world of Harry Potter.”  :) That makes me very happy wizard mom.




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