EZ Thai Restaurant

I noticed this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant just after moving here 18 months ago, but it didn’t appeal to me.  I love Thai food, but the name and placement in a mediocre strip-mall convinced me that it wasn’t worth my time.  I love food, but won’t intentionally waste my time or money on average, so I passed it by time and time again.  Until tonight.  We had plans to go to the CD Cafe, but it was closed, so we had time set aside and nowhere to go, so decided to try EZ Thai.
EZ Thai Restaurant
Prince Frederick Shopping Center
120 S. Solomons Island Rd.
Prince Frederick, MD  20678
Tel:  443-975-7477 or 443-975-7696
Web:  http://ezthairestaurant.net

The place is small and simply decorated, but clean. The patrons were dressed finer than the surroundings and I hoped that finer dressed translated to finer taste and perhaps a hidden gem.  It did.  The service was amazing, presentation, beautiful, and the food, overall, spot on.

Egg and Bikini Shrimp Rolls

We began with egg rolls and bikini rolls which wouldn’t be my first choice to begin with.  To me, they were a bit bland, but then I eat them without the sauce.  This wasn’t the best start, but thankfully, my next dish would haunt me.

I ordered the Spicy Beef Salad which was intensely flavored, yet light and spicy, yet not so hot that I couldn’t taste it.  This is a dish that I’d order alone and demolish completely.  As it was, I didn’t share much.


My husband ordered the chicken panang hot and it was definitely too hot for me, but beneath the heat you could taste the subtlety of the flavors and it was divine.  I’d order it for me, but at medium spiciness.

Chicken Panang

The Pad Thai portions are so huge that it is really a dish better split, but is delicious and the portions of prawns are generous with many hidden inside the noodles.   After all of this, there was no room for dessert, but we enjoyed a Thai Iced Tea that felt a bit too sweet to me, but calmed the spiciness of the dishes.


EZ Thai is not what it seems.  Though small and simply named, the food created here is nothing but simple.  The flavors are complex and exactly what they should be and the presentation is beautiful.





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