Gluten-Free in Germany!

Reader Resources… Thankfully, we all have the internet to go to and our nice APO addresses to ship to; however, it’s nice to have something immediate and close, so here’s a start.  If you know of a health food store for special health concerns, let me know!

DM:  In Gangelt and Aachen, DM carries gluten-free products among other specialty health foods.

Locations with parking:

Trierer Strasse 1; Aachen Arkaden
52078 Aachen
Tel:  0241 94300824
Open:  M-Sat 0900-2000
Roermonder Strasse 180
52134 Herzogenrath
02407 9088613
Open: M-F 0900-2000 & Sat 0900-1800
Am Wasserturm 1/Friedrich Ebert Strasse
52531 Ubach-Palenberg
Open:  M-F 0900-2000 & Sat 0900-1600
Am Alten Bahnhof 3
54257 Aldenhoven
Tel: 02464 909541
Open:  M-F 0800-2000 & Sat 0800-1800
Humboldtstrasse 13
52152 Simmerath
02473 9272819
Open:  M-F 0800-2000 & Sat 0800-1800
Heinrich Josef Otten Strasse 12
52538 Gangelt
02454 936140
Open:  M-F 0900-2000 & Sat 0900-1800
Blogs/Websites for Gluten-Free/Celiac Sprue:


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