Where home is…

“Home” isn’t where I’m from or where I’m going. “Home” is here now.

Once upon a time I thought my home was Oregon. I still sort of “claim it” when people ask me where I’m from, but the sad fact is that I know Valencia, Spain more than I know my home town of Portland and in Spain I feel more at home.

Some where along the road, I learned that home isn’t just “where the heart is,” but where you open your heart. It doesn’t matter where it is or how long you live there. What matters is that you live there – truly live, experience, learn, and open your heart and mind to the people, the cultures, and the rhythm of life that makes that place different from another.

My homes have been in Oregon, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, Germany, Spain, and now Maryland. If money were not an option, I’d put my most precious things in storage, pack a few large bags, and change homes, globally, every 1-2 years, dragging along my daughters, my husband, and my pets along for the adventure.

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