Kinderdijk, NL – 19 windmills

One must see location in Holland. There is no reason to miss this.  If your winter is cold enough to freeze this ice, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to skate this and many other canals in Holland.  This is the silver lining in overly cold winter.

is a small town south of Amsterdam by about an hour, directly south of Gouda and near Rotterdam.

With 19 beautifully preserved old windmills, many in use and lived in, and one that you can tour, the photo opportunities are endless. You can do the quick drive-by and snap a few photos, or you can stay all day. Rent a bicycle at Anmadis and bike all around the vast trails around the windmills and canals or take a canal ride. Bring a picnic. In the winter if it’s iced over hard enough, bring ice skates.

The Kinderdijk windmill area itself with the windmills, wildlife, and trails is open 24/7 all year long in all seasons and is free. Parking will cost a nominal fee. Bike rentals are souvenirs are available.

Do keep in mind that only one windmill is open for tourists. People live and have families in these windmills, so be respectful of their space. They are used to tourists and the trails are for everyone, but don’t go walking up to the windmills and peeking in windows. Many are occupied. The great part of that is that if you are lucky, you may catch them either “turning on” or “turning off” the turning blades by climbing up the ladder-like structure and either putting on the “sail” or carefully rolling it up. It’s really neat to see.

The history, a map, and all the information that you need is provided on the website just above. We stopped here on the way back from Gouda (38 min North) one time and will definitely go back.

GPS folks: Don’t be surprised if you hear, “In 500 meters, board ferry.” Some routes require this. The ferry is not expensive.

GPS address (found on the Kinderdijk website):
Molenstraat 236
Kinderdijk, 2961, N

Anmadis (bike rental spot) — Molenstraat 236
Bike rental prices:
1 hour = 2.50E
2 hours = 4E
all day = 8E


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