Knut the Eisbar: 5 Dec 2006 – 19 Mar 2011

I saw Knut in his home at the impressive Berlin zoo nearly two years ago.  I wasn’t sure which bear was Knut at the time.  Was he the large bear nuzzling the female or was he the smaller one playing by the water?  I think he was the big one sitting sweetly near Gianna, nuzzling her, rolling playfully onto his back, and eventually falling asleep again at her side.

It doesn’t really matter what side of the political fence you’re on with this.  The death of this beautiful animal at such a young age is a loss, and it’s touching to see the outpouring of love for Knut both online and at the zoo where people have left flowers and candles in his honor. 

The smaller bear is below.  When I took these pictures I thought that this younger bear was Knut, but after looking through online photos, I really am not certain.  This little one spent all his time at the water’s edge, drinking it, pawing it, and playing with a stick that he found at the edge.


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