Krapfen – Carnival sweets!

Today I went into Schleypen for a coffee and saw they had treats there I’ve never seen before. In fact, there are several sweet treats that are popping up in bakeries that are completely new.

It’s Carnival. Just like we’d eat elephant ears at a State Fair, they’ve got their own versions of fat laden, sugary dough here too – but it’s better.

This morning, I just tried one thing – the Eierlikor Krapfen. Oh my goodness! It is SUCH a good thing that I only got one because that was so delicious that I easily could have eaten 3. It looked almost like an overgrown donut hole, but with a rugged outside and a puff of a dense custard on top with just the slightest hint of eierlikor – not overpowering at all. Instead of a soft spongy donut, this broke apart into a soft, but slightly crisp pastry dough and the entire center was overfilled with that amazing sweet custard. Wow. Carneval could grown on me…. and with treats like this. I think I’d grow a bit too if Carneval lasted all year.


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