She left me in tears

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  1. TEEMCO Gold Dome
    Attraction in Oklahoma City Oklahoma

    1112 NW 23rd St
    Oklahoma City Oklahoma
    (405) 216-1300
  2. Inter-City Violin Studios
    Attraction in Oklahoma City Oklahoma

    1414 NW 30th St
    Oklahoma City Oklahoma
    (405) 528-4044
  3. Big Truck Tacos
    Restaurant in Oklahoma City Oklahoma

    530 Northwest 23rd Street
    Oklahoma City Oklahoma
    (405) 525-8226

Today I had the pleasure of running errands with my girls and after being cooped up for so long, it felt like an adventure. We passed the huge TEEMCO Gold Dome and a giant milk bottle on 23rd and saw the Route 66 sign that had me wishing we could just drive a bit farther and explore. We pulled in front of an old home off Classen that happens to be home to Inter-City Violin Studios where we stopped to get a new violin for Luci (a marvelous experience). On the way home we pulled into Big Truck Tacos, not because we were hungry (we weren’t), but because we’d heard about it on Trippy and wanted to see if they were really that amazing (hello fried avocado).

Then came the tears. It wasn’t the salsa (although they have a hot one), the tears came when I returned to my house.

I walked in, put my things down in my office and sat down to check my email.  Arianna had stayed home, so as they others ran off to their rooms, Arianna came in and stood behind me.

“Mom? I have to tell you something”

This is that moment when all moms worry. This is the statement that usually precedes something disastrous like the time she set fire to her bedroom floor or the time Sasha got thinking putty on her rug. It’s rarely pretty.

I took a deep breath then turned and faced her.

“What is it?”

“Well, you know how my hair’s been really dry lately?”

“Uh-huh.”  I’m thinking, “Oh no… where is this going.” I’m looking intently at her hair. Is it green or is it bad lighting?

“I went online to see what I could use in my hair to moisturize it.”  I’m thinking honey, oil, eggs… that’s not the recipe she found.

“The website said that it can be difficult to get out.”  So she was warned.

“And I washed it four times, but I still can’t get it out!!”

It was my turn to speak – and to ask the obvious.

“What did you put in your hair?”


Cue uproarious laughter.

Oh my sweet teenage girl. Instead of motherly wisdom and sympathy, I doubled over and laughed so much I teared up. Being the good natured girl she is, and knowing how absurd her predicament was, she laughed along with me.

We now know, and I’m telling you just in case someone you love puts Vaseline in their hair, that dish soap does a great job in removing Vaseline and leaves a nice clean scent.  :)


Someone likes to take selfies on my phone when I’m not looking, so I find surprises like this when I download photos.


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