Meet Peter


Perhaps he’s young and curious like the original Peter Rabbit or perhaps our clover are just too sweet to run away from, but this bunny didn’t flinch when I drove up my driveway today even though he sat just 4 feet from it. He looked up as I got out of my car and even allowed me to get within a few feet of him before he hopped into the trees. I love our bunnies. We always have several of them munching on clover from spring to fall and sometimes we see the little ones hop into our yard, but they stay close to the edge mostly which is a good thing because our dog likes bunnies too.




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I'm eclectic. Sometimes that's a good thing because I can do bits of everything. Sometimes it's aggravating because I get distracted by so many amazing things. Mostly, I love photography and family, travel and writing, cooking, reading, art, and coffee. Sundays are church days to regroup and refocus. God's in charge here.

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