Memories without photographs

My three youngest girls are all at summer camp leaving just Kirk, T, and I home in quiet. This is our week, T’s and mine – our week to spend together quietly before the craziness of the next two months and the big move to university too far away.

We had a million plans. Manicures and pedicures, shopping, outings into DC, good lunches and great coffee.

Life happens. Especially with POTS. Sometimes we have great days and do amazing things. Sometimes we have to change our plans. Sometimes quiet at home is enough.

And it is.

We’ve already altered our plans significantly this week. Outings simplified or cancelled. Days at home are OK too.

So that’s what I told her.

No… you’re not ruining week. The blessing is the time together, the quiet, and the memories we make even if that’s a walk with the dog, coffee at Sweet Sue’s, and time spent packing up old memories in the basement, souvenirs and baby blankets, seashells and American Girl dolls.

I didn’t take a single picture today even when I saw the dad driving up in his tiny sports car with a gigantic inflated inner tube sticking out of it (that was humorous). The photo is in my mind of the walk along the Chesapeake and the little table where we drank coffee. I found a beetle along the path that’s a memory too. T understands my weird fascination with critters and volunteered a Ziploc so I could bring him home (he was already dead). I’ll remember the basement time together every time I look at one of the bins she’ll leave behind full of so many things that I bought lovingly for her and she cherishes still.

Tomorrow’s a new day. May be we’ll have a grand adventure, may be it will be quiet. Either way, it will be together and that’s a good thing. These two months are already flying by.


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