Montesa, Spain

About 1 hour from Valencia lies this tiny little village creeping up the hill towards an old castle ruin at the top.  It’s off to your right just off the highway and nearly impossible to miss. 
The village was quiet today, so it’s hard to know if it ever really gets touristy, but if you’re on that stretch of highway towards Albacete anyway, Montesa is worth a stop.  The village is nice and the locals are generally very friendly and helpful.  There is a small tourist map with points marked along it with translations in English telling you the importance of each area and the castle itself is really pretty.  
There is a nice road that winds up to the castle, so it’s easy to drive directly there and there are nice picnic tables set up on a couple sides of it, so you could spend some time there.  The view is beautiful and one side of the castle is significantly cooler than the other, so depending on the weather, you have a warm side and a cool side to sit on. 

This is an easy day trip from Valencia and really a quick stop, so you could fit Montesa in with a tour of Almansa further down the road or Xativa just a bit closer in.

Information in Spanish:


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